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This is a card generator. It generates cards then creates some number of players, plays several round robin tournaments between them, then finds the two players closest to the middle. It will output their decks. The two decks it generates should be equal (however it plays randomly, so they will likely not be perfectly equal for human players)

Rules (of the card game):

Each player starts with 25 health (you can adjust this to change the length of the. On each turn:

  1. Add a token to your pot (you can use coins, etc.). If you have tokens in your zone, move one of them to your pot.
  2. Move your tokens as you wish between your cards. You may not do this during other parts of your turn unless there is an ability which permits you to do so.
  3. Draw a card.
  4. Play as many cards from your hand as you wish.
  5. Check for "when this card is played" abilities on the card(s) you played.
  6. You may attack any player or card with any card that has at least as many tokens on it as health (the number in the top right corner). So you can attack with a health 4 card with 5 tokens, but not a health 3 card with 2 tokens.
  7. Place damage tokens (you can use coins, etc., but they should be distinguishable from the regular tokens) on any card you attack and the card you attack with. The number of damage tokens you place on the card is the health of the card you attacked with, and vice versa.
  8. If any card has more damage tokens than health, it is discarded.
    Check for "when this card is discarded" abilities. The tokens on that card are placed in the opponent's zone.

At any time during your or the opponents turn (except for the "move tokens" phase), if you have an active card (one with more tokens than health) that has a  "Pay N tokens to: ..." ability, you may remove N tokens from that card (the tokens must already be on the card), and put them in your zone then activate the ability (if the ability contains "move X tokens from your zone to your pot", the tokens put in the zone by the cost of the ability do not count).


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Sample deck 25 MB
Procards for Linux 243 kB
Procards Source Code 233 kB
Procards for Windows 340 kB

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